Newsletter clients

Our newsletter clients: Our clients have to be respected businesses. The mailing lists must be genuine, and the information sent must be relevant to the core business.

That is what makes Trusted Newsletters such an excellent platform to send your newsletters. One of our first customers was Mobile/Park homes Spain with Costa Difference in the UK. We have been sending their newsletters for years now, and they send out weekly newsletters and price alerts.


With Trusted Newsletters managing the subscription to any newsletter, clients see that their newsletter subscriptions grow month on month with an extremely low Spam complaint rate. We proof every newsletter before it is sent to avoid it being mistakenly classed as spam.

Our clients manage their newsletter subscriptions. When they are ready to send the following newsletter, they send the XML containing new subscribers, which are then added to their newsletter list.

Newsletters sent on behalf of clients are sent from clients. The fact that the Trusted Newsletter System is used for delivery only helps the business sending them. Readers will see straight away that the newsletter is free of any tracking. The newsletter will also be mobile-friendly.


New clients are welcome; providing the content they are sending is “Family Friendly”. We will work with new clients to help make the most of their newsletter subscribers.

The first important point is getting them to read, and making the newsletter work for the business sending them is the second most crucial point. A business can grow by informing clients of any deal or news worth reading.