Newsletter services

Newsletter services: Simple, you have a website that offers visitors the chance to sign up for your newsletter. After checking that your newsletter’s content does not trigger the spam filters, we send the newsletter to your subscribers. Your subscribers will then get your latest news in their inbox most of the time.

Now the good part. We make it very easy for any subscriber to have their e-mail address removed from the list. That means fewer spam complaints, and it also means your domain itself can not be wrongly blocked for sending bulk e-mails.

Newsletters we send do not contain keywords that will trigger a spam filter. Information is ALL we will send, and it has to be in plain language and make sense. Clean newsletters full of information always works much better long term.

We can also tell you that text newsletters containing only one small embedded image and one Youtube link have proved to be very good at keeping all your current newsletter subscribers. The information, it seems, outweighs lots of images which most online mail servers block anyway.

When you are ready to send your newsletter, you send us the text and image, and we then send you the test send the newsletter. Once you agree with the newsletter’s content, we send it to all your signed up subscribers.

A word of caution, though. All the excellent work you are doing using Trusted Newsletters is easily undone if you buy or obtain e-mail address lists.

Spam complaints will close down our service to you straight away, and bought lists are a source of spam complaints. It is much better to build up your own newsletter subscriptions via your own website.

The reputation of your business rests on your newsletters.