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Newsletters and information sent not spam:

Only text newsletters with genuine subscribers get sent via, a website set up by Costa Difference in Spain to send their information e-mails.

We are dedicated to getting the newsletters and information sent and read by people who want to read them. We are not interested in sending 1000’s of e-mails to people who do not wish to receive or read them. We focus on dedicated newsletters, and our prices include managing subscriptions, proofreading, sending up to two times a week and up to 3000 a month. 

Spam! We want to see it gone forever, and so do our clients. All newsletters we send contain text only with the title identifying the sender. 

Trusted Newsletters does what it says on the tin. You can trust a newsletter that we send. We maintain the newsletter subscription. We add and delete addresses from any specific mailing list at the person’s request to whom the e-mail address belongs. We can also remove an address from all the mailing lists we manage if requested. 

We only use the best providers of SMTP relays in the industry. Their anti-spam policy is ideal for what we do. Spam complaints have a very low threshold so making sure the newsletter does not encourage such complaints is crucial.

Our service, therefore, is based on two elements. First helping you to get things right with your text newsletter or information e-mail by doing spam tests before sending it. Secondly, we make sure your database is kept private and right up to date. We take care of all the additions and subscriptions for you.

It is much better to send out 900 focused newsletters than 3000 that has 2100 go straight into the spam folder. That is the true value of our service.

So what do you get? First, all newsletters are sent via Trusted Newsletters from you using SMTP in text format with one embedded picture and one YouTube link if you have one. This is the best format to use. It gets the very best results.

Results is what is important with our service. Your newsletters work best if full of information that the readers are looking for. Your subscriptions will grow. Clients sign up on your website. The newsletter we send will also have a link to your website. The reputation of your website will never be harmed by the newsletters you send. We make sure of that.

So what makes us so different? The answer is simple, we unsubscribe everyone who chooses not to open any e-mail we send. The mail database gets smaller but well-focused. Getting e-mails read every time by clients who want to read them has to be the perfect platform for sending information. 

Focused client databases really work and with social media, we can help build the perfect database for your business. Let us give you an idea. We send out 3000 newsletters and 1000 go unread and are deleted from the next newsletter to be sent.

The client then puts on their Facebook page that 1000 people were taken off the newsletter list and will miss out on the latest news. At the same time, a subscribe to the newsletter link is added to the post. The client will then see that unresponsive clients drop out and fresh client opt-in.